Fishing for Salmon on the Fraser

4 thoughts on “Fishing for Salmon on the Fraser”

  1. Awesome babe! Love it! I’m following you for all these ideas, and fab cooking ideas of course!
    Since moving out here I will never buy eggs from the grocery store again!…..but that’s only as far as I’ve gotten.
    Love this xo
    See u soon!

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  2. Hi Karen – your salmon burgers look beyond perfect. Mine are always missing that little something. I just made lox from a nice Fraser sockeye. It’ll be ready this afternoon – fingers crossed! Will post a pic on FB. Cheers,

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  3. Thanks Gene.
    I knew this post would resonate with you in particular!
    The burgers were really good! The only thing we would do differently is maybe make them a tad smaller and grill them on higher heat for more of a sear.
    I would love to see your lox pics! If you ever want to have a guest spot on the blog lemme know!!


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